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what is data management?

Library collections are usually are built over a period of time and handled by many people. Depending on the system in use, the processes often get aligned to suit the capability of that system. Thus, when a generational change in system is required, management and migration of data becomes one of the biggest bottlenecks. Reademption can provide bespoke services to help take away the pain so as to help you enjoy a smooth and professionally managed migration process.

data migration

A cost-effective and professionally managed process for migrating your data from existing systems into Reademption.



Have your data reviewed by experts to maintain data integrity of the highest order



Have your barcodes customised as per your needs and and printed on quality paper


data migration

Depending on the system currently in use by your Library, the data output would be in many formats i.e. MARC 21, Excel, CSV etc and in a varied table structure. We can help you in standardising it in a format that can be easily uploaded into Reademption Library System. This process will ensure:

  • No data is lost
  • Data integrity is maintained
  • Migration is no more than a click of a button
  • Quick turnaround
  • Expensive resources of your School are better utilised in other critical tasks

data cleanup

Its often found that legacy Library Systems in use by many Schools have poor controls due to which data integrity is compromised. e.g. Lost books cannot be identified, Duplication of Titles and Authors, Missing details such as Authors and Cover Images, Incorrect or missing tags for better classification, invalid student and teacher records etc. This compromises the usage of the data as well as the student’s experience while accessing the Library physically or Online. Reademption can help you eliminate the data inconsistencies and plug the gaps to help you deliver an exciting reading experience to your students. This includes the following:

  • Eliminating duplication of Titles and Authors
  • Addition of Lexile or AR Scores
  • Addition of search tags
  • Classification to appropriate search categories
  • Removal of invalid student records
  • Removal of missing/lost assets
  • Addition of Cover Images, Reviews and Awards

label services

Reademption’s informative Barcode Labels provide the Librarians all the information needed for quick and efficient handling of the Library assets. While the Librarians can print the Barcode labels themselves, Reademption can assist in customising the Barcodes to suit you specific needs and have it printed on quality paper that can withstand the test of time*. This again saves precious time of the Librarian who can instead work on more critical elements of the Library transformation and delivery of an improved Reading experience for the students.

*Available in select countries.