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School Libraries have today become much more than a place to borrow books from into a Resourceful Knowledge Centre where students are able to also carry out research across physical and electronic formats. The preferences too have evolved with many students preferring electronic formats over physical books. Setting up a new Library is often a daunting task that requires expertise across many areas which may not be readily available within the School. With expertise in setting-up new Libraries and best-practices gathered from around the world, Reademption is a one-stop-shop in helping your School in setting up the Library. We take care of the Library set-up from start to finish while the School Administrators can focus on other important areas.




Just as any well-managed project, significant time is invested in Planning so that the outcome befits the specific needs of your school and student community. Planning requires involvement of the Senior faculty of the School such as Principal, Head of Learning and Librarian in the initial stage so that the Objectives and Scope is clearly defined.

Some of the key activities involved in this Phase are:

  • Documenting key objectives of the Library
  • Understanding student demographics
  • Understanding current reading levels of students such as AR or Lexile
  • Understanding policy framework for alignment to Common Core, Ofsted etc, if any
  • Documenting the project scope and delivery phases
  • Finalising project costs
  • Finalising key performance factors
  • Finalising the Service Level Agreement (SLA)



Now that expectations are clearly set, the next phase is where we start the work to put it in place. This is the stage in which subject-matter experts are all pooled in to handle their respective tasks.

Depending on the agreed scope of work, the Build phase would involve the following elements:

  • Implementation of library design and décor as agreed*
  • Delivery of Library furniture and supplies*
  • Delivery of books and resources befitting the School’s specific
  • Cataloguing and Barcoding the books
  • Setting up the Library portal
  • Configuring the eContent such as eBooks, Audiobooks etc
  • Setting-up the Single Sign-On (SSO) access with agreed vendors (incl LDAP authentication)
  • Updating the student database



This forms a crucial element of the overall project and could be a catalyst in shaping the outcome. A mutually agreed time will be agreed to deliver the below training and orientations. Delivery of the training could be either in-person or over the Web depending on the geography.

The Training phase involves the following elements:

  • Delivering a Train-The-Trainer program to key faculty
  • Training the System Administrator
  • Training the Librarian across all functions
  • Demonstration to a sample student group, if required
  • Sharing the System User Guide
  • Documenting user feedback, if any from the above groups



The portal is fine-tuned based on feedback received from the user group and its now ready for implementation. Since the portal is hosted in a secure cloud, implementation is a fairly smooth process without requiring significant involvement from the System Administrators.

The implementation process involves the following elements:

  • Releasing the login-ids (in cases where portal is accessed independently instead of LDAP or any other authentication)
  • Enabling access for the entire user community
  • Assistance in communicating key features and program details to the students and faculty, if required



A system is only as good as its use. Its success lies in effective use where the benefits are realised as expected. Reademption recognises that and ensures that all support requests are duly answered.

Support is an ongoing process and involves the following key elements:

  • Response within 4 working hours for any non-confirmities in the 1st month
  • Thereafter response to all support emails or calls as per SLA agreed at the start of the program
  • Periodic communication on new features and updates

* This Service is currently available in select countries only